Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easter Basket (Boxet) Instructions

Since I've had several people ask about instructions for making my Easter boxets I figured the best way to do this is to blog it. Anyone that has questions, please feel free to ask if something isn't clear. My apologies for the not-so-great pics but it was night time and my camera doesn't like the dark...and I had trouble getting them in exact order but it's close!

Here we go!

Materials needed:
cardboard or paper for template
1/2 yard of 44" wide fabric for lining
1/2 yard of 44" wide fabric for outer shell fabric
3/4 yard of heavy interfacing (you can use a double layer of thinner interfacing too)
(there will be enough fabric left over for your handles)
matching thread
sewing machine, scissors, iron and ironing board, etc.
Seam allowances are 3/8".

Step 1.
You will need to cut a template out of whatever suits you (cardboard, paper, etc.). This template measures 17-inches wide by 12-inches high so cut a rectangle using those measurements. Next, cut out a 4-inch square on each side of the bottom. This will later create a gusset and make the bottom square. For the handles you will need to cut a piece 20-inches long by 3.5-inches wide.

Step 2.
Using this template, cut out 2 each of the outer shell fabric, lining fabric and interfacing.
Pin the outer shell pieces right sides together and sew along each side and bottom...DO NOT SEW INSIDE CORNERS YET!

Lay down one piece of interfacing, then a lining piece with right side up followed by the next lining piece with WRONG SIDE up and finally the second piece of all layers together. Sew down both sides but when you get to the bottom you will need to leave an opening for turning right-side-out later.

Step 3.
You will need your iron for this step for best results.
Using the handle template, cut out 2 each of either lining or shell fabric, whichever you choose. Fold first piece in half lenghtwise (wrong sides together) and press.
Unfold and bring both edges to center crease and press again. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Stitch down the lenght of both sides. (I used photos of a different handle that doesn't match the basket in the other photos.)

Step 4.
Line each end of handle up with seams and pin the handle in place and stitch (1/8" from edge) to shell on right side of fabric, reversing and going over a second time (see photo).

Step 5. On both the lining and the shell, fold corners in together, matching seams (see photos). This part is sort of hard to explain but hopefully the photos help. Press and pin together, stitch. Trim excess.

Step 6. Turn shell out so that right side is facing out. Turn lining so that interfacing is on the outside. Insert shell into lining, making sure to tuck handle in between shell and lining. Stitch all the way around the top. After stitching, trim away excess interfacing to reduce bulk.

Step 7. Pull the shell through the hole in the bottom of lining, turning out to right sides. This part will take a litte patience but it will turn right side out. Stitch the hole in the lining closed.

Step 8.
Press each of the four sides and around the top seam before stitching around the top of basket.

Step 9.

Measure 4-inches from the side seam to the corner and fold. Press and pin, sew from bottom to top (1/4-inch from edge). This will create a box corner. Repeat on remaining corners.

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