Friday, January 22, 2010

Well I've been working on more of my reusable gift bags this week...slowly but surely getting some put together! Seems like as soon as I sit down to start sewing I hear one of the kids yelling for me. My sewing "room" is upstairs so every time I have to take care of a situation...down the stairs I go. I think my knees are going to give out soon at this rate! :)

Anyhow, this is the latest set I finished and I'm getting ready to list on Etsy. I'm hoping for good picture taking light tomorrow so I get the the rest of them photographed too.

I was going to post a blog and recipe for some delicious 'Mango Tangerine Panna Cotta' I made the other day but the pics went bye bye. I guess I'll just have to re-make it...awwww, that breaks my heart! (NOT!) I was sooooo good if I do say so myself :)

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